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Your introduction to insurance.

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Browse our collection of videos designed to help you understand your insurance better. Get the information you need to answer commonly asked questions, learn about your options, and find out how insurance works to protect what matters most to you.

Personal Insurance Tips and Information
What can I do if my sump pump fails?

Figure out what your options are if your sump pump fails.

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Have a young driver? We understand.

Do you have a young driver and are concerned with your insurance? Let us help.

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Water Backup Coverage

Understanding your responsibilities versus those of your local provider can help protect you.

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Is my “dangerous” dog covered?

If you have a dog that is considered “dangerous,” learn why it may affect your insurance.

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Adult Life Insurance

The advantages of having life insurance and why everyone should have it.

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Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

The ins and outs of both and when each would be beneficial.

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General Insurance Tips and Information
Why choose an independent agent?

Why an independent agent is more advantageous for protecting your assets.

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