11 Things You Need To Pack for Your Holiday Roadtrip

screen-shot-2017-11-10-at-9-13-35-amAre you and your family hitting the road for the holidays this year? The holiday season brings joy but also involves a lot of preparation, especially with upcoming travel plans. Ease the stress and keep your family safe with our list of a few holiday travel essentials:


  • Identification. Always make sure to have a form of identification on hand. This can be your ID or passport. You want to make sure to have the proper form of identification so you can prove your identity, age and, if necessary, that you can legally operate a vehicle.  You should also make copies of your cards and leave a copy at home, and keep a copy in a place other than your wallet.   
  • Credit card. You may have already budgeted out your expenses for the trip, but unexpected purchases almost always pop up, so it is recommended to bring a credit card in case of an emergency.
  • Cash. Keep your cash in a place other than where you credit card is located, just in case of loss or theft.
  • Insurance documents. Keep your car and other personal insurance documents with you. Review your policies to make sure you know what is or isn’t covered, so you’re fully protected throughout your trip, for all activities.  Of course, if you will be driving, you should always be able to provide the necessary documentation.
  • First aid kit. If someone gets a small cut, has an ache or pain or needs some form of medicine and antibiotic, it is best if you can treat it right away rather than having to find a drugstore or make a (potentially expensive) trip to urgent care. Always keep a kit in your car so that you can alleviate a situation quickly and prevent making extra stops.
  • Cell phone and charger. Bring more than one charger, including a car charger and a spare battery pack (remember to charge it before you leave!)  to make sure your phone is never on the brink of dying. If you are staying at a hotel, let a select group of people you are close to know your accommodation details (address, on-site number, dates of your stay) just to be safe. If you tend to keep all of your contacts stored in your phone, make sure to write down the most important numbers and keep them somewhere easily accessible.
  • Hand sanitizer and paper towels. In case things get dirty or sticky, it is always a good idea to bring paper towels to clean up any spills, and hand sanitizer to keep everything clean and minimize germs.
  • Playlist of tunes and audio books.  Depending on where you and your family are traveling, the hours on the road can be long. See what CDs you can bring with you in the car or create a playlist on your phone with all of your favorite songs you can listen to to help the time go by faster. Books, journals or portable games will also help keep you busy!
  • GPS. Bring a GPS with you or use the GPS on your phone so you don’t get lost. To be even safer, look up directions to your destination the day before and print them off so that you have something to refer to in case your GPS malfunctions.
  • Snacks. You never know when you’ll be in a food “dead-zone.”  Bring some of your favorite, non-perishable snacks to munch on. This will help you not to make as many stops on the road. You and your family can also bring a cooler with drinks and pre-made sandwiches!


Before you hit the road, make sure to get your car tuned with an oil change, fresh fluids, full tires, and fix any maintenance concerns. We hope you have a safe trip wherever the holidays take you. We’re here if you need us! Just call 937-848-6181 to speak to your agent.