Behind the Wheel: Your New Teen Driver

TEEN DRIVERIt seems just like yesterday your child was pedaling around in a plastic two-seater “car”. Now they are begging you to get their learner’s permit!  When your teen is ready to get their license and start driving, there are many precautions you can take as a parent to ensure your teen’s safety. By properly insuring all drivers in your family, you can ensure their safety behind the wheel.  

While they are learning the rules of the road, you can educate yourself and start planning out the details of what it will be like to have a new driver on your insurance. Although proper coverage for a teen driver generally means higher rates, there are many ways to save money:

  • Insuring multiple vehicles: Having a multi-car discount is very common, especially for families who have more than one child of driving-age. If there are multiple vehicles on a single policy, a multi-car discount will generally be automatically applied.
  • Increasing deductible rates: The higher the deductible, the less risk the insurer will take, thus lowering the premium. Consumers can save close to 9% in premium costs if the deductible is raised from $500 to $1,000. Talk to your agent to learn about local-specific rates and discounts.
  • Teen discounts: Get your child involved! For many companies, if your teen driver gets good grades, they will provide a discount that can lower your insurance premiums. Also look into enrolling your teen in a safe-driving course, which insurance companies also reward with discounts.
  • Clean driving record: The fewer accidents or tickets you have, the more steady your insurance rates. Encourage your children to practice safe driving by not using their cellphones while driving or anything on that will distract them from being alert while driving.

Talk to your local agent to find out which discounts you qualify for when adding a new driver to your policy. Who doesn’t love safety while saving money? Start today!